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About Interact

Using design thinking, customer research, content strategy, and experience design, the Interact team works with B2B and B2C clients to conceptualize and define innovative solutions powered by the latest Marketing technology and AI.

At Interact Digital Experience Design LLC, formerly Digital Communications Group LLC, we aim to support communication and marketing teams blocked by process and communication breakdowns conceive of and design high performing, user-focused digital products and advanced digital strategies.

When to call Interact:

  • The team has a significant digital strategy or marketing technology problem that needs to be solved.
  • It is time to itterate on an idea and supply your developer team with requirements.
  • Conflicting opinions and shifting priorities are getting in the way of creative collaboration and solutioning efforts.
  • You are ready to integrate personalization or AI into your marketing strategy.


If any of the above apply, book an appointment today!

Chrissy Clary CEO and Founder of Interact

Thanks for stopping by!

If we haven't met, I am Chrissy Clary, CEO and Founder of Interact. 

I've worked across industries to provide user experience, conversation design, advanced digital strategy, and martech support to organizations blocked by process and communication breakdowns.

I started my career in the United States Navy; one day, I was assigned to work in the Public Affairs Office and ordered to build a website.

So I did...

What followed was a career-building digital experiences and delivering communication solutions.